AISM (Association of ICSE Schools in Maharashtra)

AIMS to examine the educational leaderships and the new demands expressed by the ICSE schools in all the regions of the Indian subcontinent. The range of tensions and dilemmas faced by teachers and leaders, who lead the learning processes is enormous. AISM is a forum for scholarly work and learning, a rich social area with constant interaction and affiliation.

REFLECTS the key elements of the CISCE Council of the ICSE Schools, in a collaborative, democratic commitment, alongwith individual enlightenment.

EXPLORES the relationship between ICSE schools’ Principals Leadership and Student Achievements, and focus and extend themes in educational research globally.

VIEWS all the time, in considering what kind of education will best prepare students for life in a knowledge society? and so, we offer appropriate workshops and training for the school leaders.

ADDRESSES most of the extra-curricular programs with specially emphasis on physical health and technology, by promoting annually interschool competitions, to improve the quality of each of these components. We have the AISM Sports Meet for achievers to compete at National Level, the ‘gizmo geeks’ interschool technofest and the other literary and the Arts competitions.

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